• - Our paper on zero-index bound states in the continuum was published in Physical Review Letters
  • - Our paper on the inverse design of nonlinear optical devices was published in ACS Photonics
  • - My paper “Dual-Carrier Floquet Circulator with Time-Modulated Optical Resonators” was published in ACS Photonics
  • - The next chapter begins! I am now a postdoc at Stanford in Shanhui Fan’s group
  • - I successfully defended my PhD!

About Me

I am a postdoc at Stanford University in the group of Shanhui Fan. I graduated with my PhD in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in 2017 where I worked with Zheng Wang.

My research interests are mainly in optics and nanophotonics, particularly for information and signal processing. During my PhD, I worked on projects spanning microwave, terahertz, and optical frequency ranges. I am excited by the boundaries between optics, mechanics, acoustics, and other physics. I enjoy developing software and modeling frameworks for exploring new physics and devices in these areas.