• - Our work towards realizing nonlinear activation functions for optical neural networks was published in IEEE JSTQE
  • - Giving a talk at CLEO on broadband optical switches using dynamic modulation in the Time Varying Metasurfaces session at 9:15 am
  • - Our paper on zero-index bound states in the continuum was published in Physical Review Letters
  • - Our paper on the inverse design of nonlinear optical devices was published in ACS Photonics
  • - My paper “Dual-Carrier Floquet Circulator with Time-Modulated Optical Resonators” was published in ACS Photonics

About Me

Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford University in Prof Shanhui Fan’s group. Previously, I was a PhD student advised by Prof Zheng Wang at The University of Texas at Austin. I graduated in 2017 with a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

I am an engineer with a research background in optics and electromagnetics, but I am also excited by physics at the intersection between optics, electronics, mechanics, and acoustics. In particular, I am interested in applications for information processing and analog computing. I also enjoy developing high-performance software in Python, Julia, and Matlab for performing numerical simulation and optimization.

More recently, I have been interested in machine learning and, specifically, how concepts in optical signal processing and microwave photonics can be used to enhance the performance of neuromorphic hardware. Along a related direction, I am also intrigued by automatic differentiation and differentiable programming, which are fundamental in training neural networks. I would like to apply these techniques to inverse design and optimization of physics-constrained problems.